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A Baby Changes Everything - Big Band 5331 - Faith Hill

This is a Big Band accompaniment of the song "A Baby Changes Everything" recently sung by Faith Hill.  This is a custom arrangement for vocal solo, choir, and big band inst. including, clarinet, soprano sax, 2 tenor saxes, baritone sax, 3 trumpets, 3 ...

A Baby Changes Everything - Orchestra Faith Hill

This is a custom orchestra accompaniment as recorded by Faith Hill''s "A Baby Changes Everything".  This includes strings, woodwinds, rhythm, choir SATB (back up), lead/solo.  This is in the original key. Check out Faith Hills You Tube Versio ...

A Baby Changes Everything - SATB Choir - Faith Hill

You are purchasing a custom made arrangement for piano/rhythm, vocal solo and SATB choir accompaniment of the song "A Baby Changes Everything" This is just for piano/Rhythm, vocal solo and choir parts.  If you are looking for the orchestration (with ...

Where Are You Christmas? Faith Hill The Grinch Arranged for Full Strings and Rhythm 2015 Edit

WHERE ARE YOU CHRISTMAS? (Faith Hill Inspired) From: Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  This is custom arranged for full strings and rhythm in the Key of C, the original key. (Ask about other keys).  Included is the full score as well a ...


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